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Tree Removal

This tree needed to be removed but was inaccessible to a bucket truck due to its location next to a deck, fence, and shed in the backyard. To successfully remove the tree, it was carefully pieced and lowered down safely without any problems. Removal of the tree greatly opened up space in the small backyard.

tree before cutting
tree after cutting


Climbing/Footlocking Video

Click here to view a climbing/footlocking demonstration video. climbing_tree.AVI

Tree and Shrub Pruning

The trees and shrubs below had not been pruned in quite a while and were overgrown. They were pruned for size control, thinning, and shaping, while providing adequate spacing between plants.

Before After
tree 1 before
tree 1 after
tree 2 before
tree 2 after
tree 3 before
tree 3 after


Ornamental Pruning

Here is ornamental pruning being done from an orchard ladder.