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Specialty Pruning for Health and Hazards

Is your beautiful maple tree’s appearance marred by an unsightly dead limb? Do you have a tree branch hanging precariously over your house or fence? Specialty pruning encourages a plant’s proper growth; thinning plants to increase light and air circulation can make a plant healthier.

Artistic Pruning for a Desired Look or Shape

Has your apple tree grown out of control? Do your shrubs need to be better contained? Improper pruning can leave holes or bare spots in your trees and shrubs. Proper pruning can make your dogwood tree or rhododendron look like the beautiful specimen that it is.

Tree and Shrub Removal

Whether for appearance or safety sake, we can remove any trees and shrubs.

Insect and Disease Control for Trees and Shrubs

Have you noticed parts of your plants yellowing or dying back, or that your trees and shrubs have spots on the leaves? With extensive experience and up-to-date certification, we can help identify and treat problems with your trees and shrubs. Many problems can be treated only in the spring and summer (the growing season), so do not delay in seeking the advice of a professional.

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Different amendments can be added to fertilizer that help create a healthier and stronger soil ecosystem. Beneficial organisms added to the soil ecosystem can greatly increase a plant’s vigor, flowering, and insect and disease resistance.


Often multi-stem trees can be prone to splitting apart. Cabling can greatly strengthen stems or branches.

Plant Installations

Do you want a flowering shrub or tree? One that is disease resistant? One that will stay small, or grow to shade your deck? We can advise you on choosing plants for a variety of characteristics, including size, shape, flowering, color, shade tolerance, and multi-seasonal plant interest. Our recommendations will also take into consideration other important factors including soil type (wet sites or dry sites), soil condition (whether the soil is compacted), and road salt tolerance (whether your landscaping is near a road).